Tacoma Steel is the leading "service center" Laser processor in the Northwest.and operates three (3) laser cutting machines at our facility.

    In 2000 Tacoma Steel built a new facility and  purchased our first laser plate processing machine. It is a 2000 watt Mitsubishi Model 3015 LZP. It is capable of cutting up to 1/2" thick steel plate and up to 1/4" stainless steel plate, with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. it operates on two 5' x 10' shuttle tables. 

    In 2006 Tacoma Steel moved to a much higher level of laser cutting capabilities. We installed the largest laser processing machine, on the west coast . It is a 6000 watt Tanaka LMXVII. The machine utilizes a unique moving gantry that incorporates a ride-along power resonator. This allowed us to mount the machine over a very large 14' x 85'  cutting table, without any loss in accuracy or quality. We are able to produce the largest laser cut parts in the industry. The machine is capable of laser cutting steel plate up to 1-1/4" thick and stainless plate up to 5/8" thick. Additionally we are able to laser etch any information onto the plate surface, that customers may desire, including part no. and bend lines.

   In January 2012 Tacoma Steel added a third, powerful laser,  to raise our laser cutting capacity to even higher levels. We added a Koike-Aronson " Lasertex" 400 watt laser. It is mounted over a 14' x 65' cutting table. It is the latest in high-accuracy laser cutting that is available. It is designed for the range of ga. sheet thru 3/4" steel plate.

Tacoma Steel has also devised a method that economically produces precision  laser cut holes and profiles in beams, tubes, angles, etc.